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We are delighted that you have decided to spend some of your time with us on our website. Please wander through our pages, pick out the parts that are of interest to you and then you can call either one of our team here in the factory or a dealer who lives close to you.

Whether you are out to expand your own horizons, advertise a new product in the most spectacular way or just get more out of life Kubicek balloons is the place to start. We manufacture hot air balloons, airships and all the essentials for enjoying an aviation adventure in the wide blue yonder.

To start you on your way we have tried to think of some of the questions that may be in your mind as you read this page...

Shortly about Kubicek Kubicek Balloons is not yet the largest balloon manufacturer, but it's the fastest growing, the most open to their customers and offers the most valuable balloons in the world. We believe that we try harder than any other company to turn your dreams into reality. Continue >> Our balloon & airship production is centred in a fresh, purpose built, facility in the centre of Europe. We make as many parts of our balloons in house as is practical, and the range of our products goes from small, private balloons, through standard sizes 70, 105, 120 upto big passenger balloons and also special projects like airships, special shapes or competition envelopes. Kubicek Balloons offer complete ready-to-fly systems for private, sponsored and passenger carrying operation. The EASA stamp of approval is your guarantee that you are dealing with a high quality manufacturer. The quality of Kubicek balloons has been demonstrated by recent achievements which include: winning the World Championship in Austria, setting the AX8 World Altitude Record or outstanding flight s on both the South and North Pole. To help and advise you we have a very experienced team here in the factory and an international network of dealers selling and supporting our balloons throughout the world. Call us and let us help you to turn your dreams into reality. We offer excellent products and high level of customer care at seriously good prices.
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